Data Privacy Day

Sunday, January 28, marks an international holiday called Data Privacy Day. The focus of this day is raise awareness among businesses, consumers, and families about the importance of protecting one's personal information online. With the ever-growing existence of social networking and the increasing occurrences and intensity of data breaches, the importance of privacy and data protection is critical. 

The challenge of data protection is complex. There are many organizations that demand development of technology tools that help control personal information and that encourage compliance with privacy laws and regulations… FCC, FBI, Microsoft, Symantec, Identity Theft Council just to name a few. And the information can exist anywhere - healthcare records, criminal records, financial transactions, social media behavior, etc. 

It is crucial for any business to be compliant with the laws and regulations surrounding data protection. As a company, you have employee and customer information, as well as your own business information. The laws and regulation are constantly evolving, therefore it is important to stay informed so you can be in compliance of them. 

In celebration of Data Privacy Day, ask yourself one question. Do you have peace of mind that your network can ward off the next cyber attack or mainstay a data breach? If your answer is not a solid "Yes," then you need to take the time, today, to make a change for the better. Protect your data! 

David Raucher, Director of IT and Managed Services
CHR Solutions

Written by David Raucher at 00:00

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