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Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim Fitzpatrick, Regional Sales Manager



When you go best of breed, you breed a lot of bastards!

When companies decide to take a best of breed approach they get to feel a good kind of warmth. They feel as though they are getting the very best the market has to offer. To a certain extent that is true. Each application may in its own right be the best in its class. Because it is supported by a respected company in their industry they also have the sense of security that they will always have a high level of customer care. Once each application is activated though, the trouble begins.

In order to create a cohesive system, these new disparate applications must communicate with one another. Consider a billing system that has no access to the customers trouble tickets, that may be housed in a facilities management system that can't see a map that shows how we deliver services. Once we activate our new best of breed applications, the real work starts. We now must start breeding the bastards. 

The bastards are all the custom code that is required to make the new applications speak to one another. Now we must decide who will build these new links between applications and more importantly, who will provide the ongoing support? If that answer is internally, some of your company's focus has been shifted from your product/service portfolio, where you earn your money, to a new software development shop. 

If it is external through a third party, you still have to have someone internally that is managing that relationship. Even worse, you selected those best of breed applications because you have confidence in the company that is offering you best of breed customer support. What about the integration software? Will your third party be around long enough to maintain that support? 

It is not uncommon in best of breed implementations to have as many as three times the number of bastards as you have applications. That is a lot of mouths to feed!  

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