Keep Up in an Ever-changing Wireless Environment

Wireless backhaul can mean many things to many people. When you look at the evolution of wireless systems, you see the network changing drastically. The antenna array is getting smaller and the number of base stations are increasing. If statistics are your thing, in the US, we have a population of 315.5 million, while the number of wireless connections totaled almost 330 million (CTIA, 2011). How we are using our wireless devices is also changing. We no longer use our cell phone for basic voice or text services. Forty percent of mobile consumers over 18 in the US own smartphones (Nielsen Media Research, 2011), and that number is increasing exponentially because of our use of Pads, Tablets, and Books. The types of services are also changing; Distributed Antenna Systems, Hosted Suites, and WiFi Offloading are just a few of the services that are requiring us to look differently at backhaul.

Join Patrick Sims at RTG/RICA Spring Forum on March 20th to hear more about wireless backhaul.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 14:00
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