Pew Internet Cell Phone Survey Highlights Growing Opportunities

Noting that 85% of Americans own a cell phone and that they're using them for a lot more than making phone calls, the Pew Internet & American Life Project has published data illustrating how cell phones' have become "a portal of an ever-growing list of activities."

It's no secret that cell phones have evolved into smartphones, basically putting the power of a desktop computer into our pockets. As a result, our activities with cell phones have changed dramatically, with over half of cell users (56%) now accessing the Internet from their phone.

According to Pew Center researchers' findings:

  • 82% of US cell phone owners use their devices to take pictures
  • 80% use them to send or receive text messages
  • 56% use them to access the Internet
  • 50% use them to send or receive email
  • 44% use them to record video
  • 43% use them to download apps
  • 31% use them to look for health or medical information online, and
  • 29% use them to check bank account balances or do other online banking

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Written by Kevin Kutcher at 14:00
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