Cloud Education Well Underway, Get Ready for It

For a relatively new technology, I'm amazed at the amount of consumer education that is already happening around cloud services. We can thank blue chip companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon for creating the conditions that is now leading to cloud concepts entering the mainstream and consumers getting educated about it as a result.

Take this article in USA Today, Demystifying cloud computing for consumers. Here is probably the most mainstream newspaper in the U.S. today, tackling the complex concepts around cloud computing, and presenting them in very understandable language.

As a result, we should begin to see a much more informed public, which creates opportunities. Service providers should leverage this ongoing education effort, by ensuring their product portfolio includes cloud services. The combination of an educated cloud public and a cloud product portfolio should make for a great opportunity. Are you prepared for it?

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00
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