Apple's iCloud May Raise Visibility, Acceptance of Cloud Services

Apple introduced iCloud yesterday, a largely consumer focused, cloud based digital locker, which allows customers to access digital files from multiple synchronized Apple devices. There is some argument within the cloud industry as to whether iCloud is a true cloud service, but such arguments miss the point.

Apple has a track record of significantly raising awareness and visibility of complex technologies with consumers, with far reaching implications. It was Apple that brought the concept of 3G to the masses and raised the expectation and demand for 3G services worldwide as a result.

They may do the same with iCloud and raise the consciousness and acceptance of cloud services, particularly with small businesses. The past few years has seen consumer technology applications drive SMB and enterprise IT decisions, with Apple in particular having significant influence.

The introduction of the iPhone and iPad are great examples, as widespread consumer adoption of these products challenged corporate IT departments to keep up. Workers are using these technologies in their own lives and are expecting their work environments to do the same.

Should Apple see success with iCloud, it may help educate small business leadership to the value of cloud services, encouraging its adoption for their own business use. We encourage our clients to recognize this business opportunity and be ready to leverage it. CHR Solutions stands ready to assist and empower you to do just that.

Written by Kevin Kutcher at 00:00
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