Remote Access is Key to Cloud Success

Cited by 48% of enterprises, enabling mobile users to connect to cloud services and enterprise networks was the primary motivation for rolling out software-as-a-service systems, a 92% year-to-year increase, according to a Yankee Group survey.  Thirty-eight percent of enterprises expect over half their software applications will be running on a cloud platform within three years, as compared to just 11% today.

"Mobility is the driving force to cloud adoption," said George Hamilton, Yankee Group principal analyst and author of the report " 2011 Fast View Survey: Cloud Computing Motivations Evolve to Mobility and Productivity."

Adoption of private cloud services still outweighs that of public cloud and managed public cloud services, 63% to 58% and 51%, respectively, though the latter two categories are making gains, according to the report. These are encouraging numbers for CHR Solutions clients.

Another step higher in terms of functionality, and complexity, 41% of very large enterprises (>100,000 employees) have already deployed or are considering deployment of platform-as-a-service within the next 12 months. That compares to the 32% of respondents a year ago.

The familiarity consumers have gained, and continue gaining, regarding cloud services and mobile applications is driving big businesses to introduce applications and platforms with the same capabilities and ease of use, Yankee Group analysts note.

Written by Michael Standley at 00:00
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