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Best of Breed Billing Systems

When companies decide to take a best of breed approach they get a feel good kind of warmth. They feel as though they are getting the very best the market has to offer. To a certain extent that is true. Each application may in its own right be the best in its class. Because it is supported by a respected company in their industry they also have the sense of security that they will always have a high level of customer care. Once each application is activated though the trouble begins.
Written by Tim Fitzpatrick at 00:00
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Enhance Your Messaging Through Your Invoices

Are you ready for the upcoming spring and summer holidays? Mother's Day. Father's Day. 4th of July. Now is the time to keep your messaging in mind, as you mail out thousands of invoices over these big holidays.
Written by Craig Krcil at 00:00

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Carrier Access Billing: Don’t Leave Your Access Revenue Potential Unbilled

CHR Carrier Access Billing (CABS) provides a highly scalable solution suited for any size client. With an in-house solution or a completely outsourced option featuring value add services, CHR CABS billing system is equipped to meet your specific access billing requirements.
Written by Stacy Mock at 00:00

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Find Your Billing Solution at RTIME

Have you been searching for a B/OSS solution that embraces a holistic approach to overall Customer Experience? I invite you to join me at the upcoming RTIME meeting at Booth #523, where we will be doing a live demo of our industry leading B/OSS: Omnia360™.
Written by Eugene McCord at 00:00
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Resource and Skill Set Constraints

Even though customers are more reliant on communications services than ever before, they have become much less patient than ever. Customers have made the services that a Communications Service Provider (CSP) provide a critical part of their daily lives and rely on those services extensively. Every CSP has multiple B/OSS interfaces, systems and tools that they deal with, as well as interfacing with third party vendors, to ensure that services are being delivered and maintained for their customers. Keeping staff trained on each of these different systems is often times very time consuming and expensive for a CSP.
Written by Allen Lepke at 00:00

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